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Baking is creative. Baking is fun. Baking is therapeutic. Baking is a form of art. It is also a form of self-expression. And just like good food and wine, baking brings people together. At Butter & Bake, baking is all the above, and above all, it represents our passion in baking and sharing it with others.

This is where you can find fun hands-on baking experiences that you can try first-hand at our venue. We integrate our baking experiences into your lifestyles to suit any occasions or theme- always with that element of fun! You can also bring a piece of  this memory back with you – by purchasing our baking kits to replicate the baking at home!

We love it when people walk though our doors with a newfound love for baking, and we hope to inspire people to start their baking journey, with us.

Baking Experiences

All our baking experiences are hands-on — You’ll get a first-hand experience in baking and you get to bring home your own bakes! Our offerings range from cakes to bread, keeping up with the latest trends in the baking world.

We also conduct private baking experiences; our Hen’s party baking packages and Birthday baking packages are the most popular!


Aiming to have a fun, unique and delicious corporate team building baking experience? We are able to let you have fun baking as a team together.

Discover some baking talents in your team, or otherwise discover your baking interest while baking with your colleagues!


Planning for a something special for your child’s birthday?

Our kids’ birthday baking packages are designed to include both baking and some party fun where kids can gather with their friends to have a good time baking together. It’s never too early to learn how to bake!

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