Welcome to Butter & Bake

Baking is creative. Baking is fun. Baking is therapeutic. Baking is a form of art. It is also a form of self-expression. And just like good food and wine, baking brings people together. At Butter & Bake, baking is all the above, and above all, it represents our passion in baking and sharing it with others.

This is where you can find fun hands-on baking workshops, DIY baking, kitchen appliances, ideas and designs. We integrate our baking events into your lifestyles to suit any occasions or theme- always with that element of fun! You can also go the DIY way by baking with your friends in our studio or at home.

The concept behind our business is about bringing happiness to people through baking. We want people to experience the same happiness we had when we first started baking. We love it when people walk though our doors with a newfound love for baking, and we hope to inspire people to start their baking journey, with us.

Visit our kitchen showroom and baking studio

Thinking about getting a new kitchen after picking up baking? Or need to expand our kitchen to accommodate your baking demand?

We are able to help you by giving you ideas, designs, and provide some of the best contractors so as to bring your dreams into reality.

Baking Workshops

Our baking workshops are hands-on, fun and interactive! We also do baking events that can be customized to your occasions, such as a bride-to-be hen’s party, friend’s or loved one’s birthday or your kids’ birthday! Imagine the fun when your whole office team comes together for a bake-off challenge!

Make baking part of that special ocassion of yours, and discover the joy of baking with your friends or colleagues.

DIY (Do-It-Youself) Baking

Experience a unique hands-on baking time the D-I-Y way with your friends and loves ones at our studio, or you can opt to do it at home.

Choose from our collection of easy and tasty recipes with our recipe cards and video for you to follow and learn the D-I-Y way. The best part of baking is a delicious handmade treat at the end.