“Baking has timeless benefits: it nurtures conversations, inspires creativity and encourages discovery.”


Corporate team-building baking workshops are effective to boost team spirit and build good teamwork between colleagues. Tailored to ensure you of a great time of fun, interaction, and of course, baking in a cozy non-work-related environment, our corporate team building baking workshops allows people to work together in teams, facilitate better communication and cooperation, to learn a new skill and encourages the flow of creativity.

Besides baking, our activities range from ice breaking games to exciting baking challenges. We can customize and suit any specific requirements or preferences. Opt for the Butter & Bake experience today and leave our studios with lasting memories, baking skills, happy tummies and delicious bakes!

If you’ll like to have a truly memorable team bonding baking event to get to know your colleagues better, build better relationships, enhance team work & collaboration, and at the same time pick up some real baking skills: