Kids Programme

Kids Classes & Birthday Parties

Do your kids love to bake? Then you’ve come to the right place- we offer classes for kids of all ages though our festive and holiday kids baking classes, kids private classes and kids baking birthday party. Our 2 or 2.5 hours classes are packed with fun and creativity.

Tired of the same old birthday parties? Looking for something different and unique this year? How about something for your budding baker? Butter & Bake provides all of the ingredients, supplies and materials- you provide the hungry guests. All parties include a customized menu and baking fun and instruction with a chef. Every child leaves with homemade goodies and a taste of baking that will hopefully leave them hungry for more.

Our 2.5 hours parties are designed for children ages 4 and up. Our experienced staff will lead all the activities at your party so you can do what’s most important- enjoy the big smile and big laughs from your little baker at his or her special baking party!


What’s Included:

  • 2 dedicated experienced staff to instruct and assist
  • Choice of one delicious baking theme & all ingredients
  • Group birthday cake baking & decorating
  • Paper plates, napkins, utensils and cups
  • Beverages
  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Birthday song & big candle blowout!
  • An unforgettable time your little baker will never forget!

Kids Baking Program

Butter & Bake is an ideal option for a school excursion, so if you are a school teacher or principal looking for new ideas for a school excursion for your kindergarten or school class, then why not consider baking at our studio?

Butter & Bake kids baking excursions are no hassle for teachers – everything takes place in the safe, comfortable surroundings of the studio, which is reserved exclusively for the group on the day. We provide all the instruction and materials!

Our kids baking excursion offers:

  • Hands-on, educational baking workshops, food science, quizzes and games
  • Expert instruction in baking skills from a skilled and passionate team
  • Kitchen safety and hygiene briefing
  • All ingredients, equipment and aprons provided
  • Kids proudly take home something they have made themselves to show parents

Keen to bring our kids baking programs as a bespoke enrichment program of your school? We have the best kids baking program- Make Me A Junior Baker. This is a weekly baking class that can be held at your school, with kids bringing home something delicious everytime! At the end of the program, kids get a certificate of completion.

Butter & Bake not only fulfilled our aim of providing bonding opportunities and communication but also healthy fun for our father and child teams. It felt like we had just walked into mum’s kitchen and being nurtured rather than being instructed, being ‘talked with’ and not ‘talked to’ and being motivated and not pushed. So is it just baking… not so, it is more and all seems a piece of a cake for Butter and Bake to deliver.
Thank you Butter & Bake!
— – Fathers@PRPS, Organisation committee.

The party started with a demonstration by the staff on how to make the paddle pop macarons. Although it was a demonstration, the staff managed to keep it interactive and engaging, passing ingredients around for kids to look and smell, asking them questions, entertaining their
hilarious replies, and there was lots of laughter throughout the demo.
– BumbleBee Mum, popular mum blogger