Make Me A Decorator- Totoro Stump Cake (Feb)



24 Feb 2019, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Skillsfuture Course Code: CRS-N-0046171



Hands on experience from making your own Totoro and other decorations to creating your own totoro ‘stump’ cake.


  • How to prepare and ice a cake to cover for fondant
  • How to create the natural ‘stump’ look of the Totoro Stump Cake
  • How to recreate a Totoro Fondant figure and other details

Plus lots of skills and advice given to you that you can’t find online and of course everything you have made is for you to take back home!


  • Each participant will work INDIVIDUALLY on your own 6 inch cake (real cake)
  • Cake layers will be pre-prepared for participants
  • Equipments, ingredients and packaging is provided.
  • Lunch is provided
*Option to use skillsfuture credits

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With skillsfuture credits, Without skillsfuture credits