Pastry Baking



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  1. Craquelin-topped cream puffs (Choux au craquelin)
  2. French Fruit Tart


  1. Craquelin Cream Puffs:

-How to prepare choux pastry (hands-on, pair work)

-How to pipe out choux pastry batter into puffs (hands-on, pair work)

-How to prepare craquelin (demonstration)

-How to prepare pastry cream (hands-on, pair work)

-How to prepare diplomat cream (demonstration)

2. French fruit tarts:

-How to prepare sweet shortcrust pastry (hands-on, individual work)

-How to assemble the tarts (hands-on, individual work)

Take Home:

  1. Six craquelin cream puffs
  2. Four fruit tarts

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