School Holidays Specials(Ages 7-12): Make Me A Junior Baker

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5 Dec 2018 - 7 Nov 2018, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Make Me A Junior Baker- Our exclusive baking course that inspires young budding bakers to bake like real pastry chefs!

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Calling all kid bakers! 3 days of fun! Nurture your kids’ budding baking interest and talent right here at Butter & Bake with our Make Me A Junior Baker course. This is the course where kids get to learn how to bake like real pastry chefs, getting hands-on baking from scratch.

Our aim is to let kids enjoy, understand and learn the process behind all the bakes they always see in bakery or pastry shops. Learn how to bake can be a fun process, and baking is a life skill that will be beneficial to a kid’s education.

Day One: Cakes & cupcakes!

  • Banana butter cake
  • Animal cupcakes

Day Two: Tarts and pies

  • Cheese tarts
  • Egg tarts

Day Three: Bread and muffins

  • Turtle melon pan
  • Chocolate chip muffins


Please note:

  • Can be signed up as an individual day or all three days. Children who attends all three days will get a certificate at the end.
  • Light snacks and beverage is provided for.
  • All equipment, tools and packaging are provided for.
  • This is a drop-off class