Chocolate chip cookies are a true classic and the go-to cookie for all occasions!

This classic lemon tart recipe is one you will love. With a sweet shortbread dough and a lip-puckering tart lemon curd filling, it is the lemon lover’s dream.

For lovers of matcha, this is the tart for you. Matcha and white chocolates are a match made, and this tart filled with a creamy matcha infused filling will send your tastebuds to heaven.

This seriously impressive cake is as fun to make as it is to eat! Each layer of this five-layer Rainbow Cake is flavoured with vanilla, and then sandwiched together using vanilla whipped cream and decorated with rainbow coloured sprinkles. The Rainbow Cake makes a fantastic birthday cake for children, but is also perfect for any special occasion including family get-togethers and birthdays!

A yuzu-juice flavoured butter cake with velvety texture, and topped with sweet and sour dried cranberry bits.

This gorgeous almond-topped cake is packed with almond flavour, and has just the right amount of sweetness. Everyone needs a cake recipe in their back pocket that requires no fancy icing or special finishing touch. That’s just one of the reasons we can’t get enough of this caramel almond cake. This is a cake you won’t toss.

Dark, fudgy and ultra-moist chocolate cake slathered with a dark chocolate fudge frosting that’s ultra rich and not too sweet. This cake might just be your new favorite chocolate cake!

This flourless chocolate hazelnut cake is a dream. A great flourless chocolate cake is essential to any baking repertoire. This one is rich, yet light, super-moist, nutty, and so addictive.

Take cookies and cake to the next level with this fluffy cookies and cream cake, layered together with a rich cookies & cream frosting. Are you drooling too?

Cake flavoured with lychees, and with real lychees in it- this is one cake that you will feel like making over and over again! Decorate the cake with an ombre pink frosting for the sweetest cake you can have

These White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies have slightly crisp edges with soft and chewy centers. Loaded with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts, these are guaranteed to be your new favorite cookie!

These chocolate macarons with a rich and indulgent chocolate filling taste absolutely divine.

Imagine oooey gooey cheese custard nestled in a flaky butter crust. These baked lava cheese tarts are luxurious and incredibly delicious. You will be in cheese haven!

Gorgeously light and spongey vanilla cupcakes topped with creamy strawberry frosting made with natural strawberry paste. Perfect little packages of yum!

Classic Red Velvet Cake! Tender rich red cake layers with a hint of chocolate paired with a tangy and delicious cream cheese frosting.

Soft & fluffy pistachio sponge cake sandwiched with strawberries and covered with yummy whipped cream. this is an updated version of the usual strawberry shortcake.