Workshops & Courses Terms & Conditions

1) Booking Policy: Slots are reserved by payment only, and priority will be given to those who pay first. We do not accept soft bookings.

2) Cancellation Policy: All payments made for class are strictly non-refundable. If you cannot come for a class for whatever reasons, you can find a replacement to attend the class. Please give us the replacement’s name, contact number and email address. Otherwise, payment will be fully forfeited regardless of the unforeseen circumstances. If the minimum number of participants is not met, the class will be cancelled. We will inform you via email or phone. You will receive a 100% refund of the amount paid.

3) Participants responsibility: To the extent permitted by law, Butter & Bake will not be liable for any accidents, injuries, losses or damages occasioned to you, arising out of the use of any facilities or equipment used to facilitate the cooking class including baking appliances, utensils, implements and foodstuffs and ingredients. Participants should take full responsibility for food brought back home and consumed thereafter. Butter & Bake will not be responsible for any food-related incidents. Butter & Bake accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any property lost on our premises. If any property has been left behind and found, please arrange with us to collect such property at a convenient time. Any lost property which has not been claimed within 7 days will be given to charity.

4) Others: To be fair to other paying participants, only paid participants are allowed into the studio. There is no waiting area for accompanying child or adult. Should your child or accompanying adult wish to be with you, they will have to pay the per pax fees for the class. We reserve the right to decline admission to unpaid participants.

5) Photography: In-class photography by Butter & Bake is the property of Butter & Bake, to be used for marketing and promotion of our classes at our sole discretion. If you do not wish to be included, please inform us beforehand and we will accommodate respectfully.